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Earths Design (Aromatherapy Oil)

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Aromatherapy oil have been proven to not just uplift ones mood but aide and add healing to the body. It all starts in the mind they say. Take a step into holistic healing by using the very basic things God created, for there intended purpose. Simple things like Honey and cinnamon can help the body cure a cold and make you feel and look great.

Earths Design is a unique blend of high-quality ingredients like Aloe, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Roses, Lily, Lavender, Coffee, Vanilla, Wormwood, Lotus Plumule, Fig, Buttercup, Rosemary, and Dandelion. Carefully measured and hand-pressed for the perfect balance, Earths Design offers an exquisite and unforgettable scent. Earths Design offers an array of scents tailored to each batch. From Deep, rich scents of chocolate and brown sugar, to the more light delicate scents of roses, carnations and or lily, to a faint natural scent of a sun-filled field, this product offers a variety of aromatic options depending on your preference.

Hand- Pressed, Tailored for massages, Hair, skin,Yoni & kid safe. Saturated and sun bathed flowers and other foraged essentials combined to give you not just a beautiful Smell, but the feeling of healing. Experience holistic healing with natural elements  that have been used for centuries to come, before you were formed, that give wellness and relaxation.

Anti-age benefits, safe for sensitive skin, Deep moisturizing properties, hydration and a lasting shine. Earths Design floral benefits contain powerful plant-based antioxidants and vitamins that reduce inflammation, depression, and acne. The powerful exfoliating properties of the flowers increase blood flow while the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help balance pH and treat alopecia, eczema, and anxiety. With moisturizing and soothing properties, users can enjoy skin regeneration over several years, while feeding there body, skin, hair Healthy Substance. 

Add Drops to your Bath, Your Face, Body , Yoni and watch your stress melt away. Earths Design also works as a ear salve or ear oil if you have Plugs/gauges.
Oil bottles are glass (Spray bottle is plastic) it has its blend of flowers, Base oils are Avocado, Aloe, Castor & Rose oil. 

Oils last for months while kept in a cool dark place, if separation occurs just shake.

hypoallergenic friendly 

Heat activates and strengthen the smell.
You will receive a labeled bottle.

*****Do not digest any oils. Topical use only!*****

Egyptian Glass bottles hold a certain volume and are selected at Random. Each bottle can hold between 2- 3 Oz. (5-6cm in height) Color varies. Bottle is shipped empty of Oil wrapped for safety. You will receive your oil size, type of choice, along side you Egyptian Glass bottle.

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Danny Ocean
The Most Beautiful Gift

Everything from the packaging , the information tags to the actually items was put together with so much love . Truly grateful


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