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Here Comes the Sun

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This Here Comes the Sun ear weights set is a stunning combination of tigers eye in goddess form and Copper, with the sun beaming behind her, Crafted with care and attention to detail, these 3” weights are truly radiant and shine with beauty. Interchangeable o rings ensure a perfect fit.

1.7 each weight (each ear) 3.5oz together 


Pair: as image presents 2 Goddess weights

Custom Pair Design: custom made pairs can be of your choice. The design on the body and ear hook style


  1. 1 Goddess necklace with Cotton rope 
  2. 1 Special designed Goddess necklace w/ Rope


Custom order 

takes about 2-3 weeks for shipping these are made to order 

Make your own unique creations with our custom order service. Simply email with your order number, name, email, phone, and any additional details and we will create a custom item to meet your exact specifications. Turnaround times for custom orders vary.

Our Custom Order service requires a non-refundable deposit to begin. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your needs.

Our Custom Order service offers you a tailored solution to your purchasing needs. After discussing your specific requirements and size, we will provide you with an order that comes with a 2 week payment window that includes insurance and shipping. Get exactly what you need with our convenient Custom Order service.

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