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Genesis: Biblical ArtWork

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The Beginning 

Feet planted in the dirt, hands wrapped in heavenly cords of His Vine. Clensing water and breath of Life. He is the Vine we are the branches Connected to a higher Frequency Abba YHWH.

This collection is a series of view points. Not made for idolize worship but to show the beauty of interpretation.

The Beginning Collection:

Genesis The Beginning: My Interpretation of all the First 5 books. This piece includes all visual representations of such. 28x46 ( purchasing this will be a remake! Original not for sale)

The Beginning is an exceptional piece of art that blends Biblical art with nature. A unique combination of moss, dried flowers, stones, wood, crystals, and other natural elements form a stunning display that brings the beauty and lessons of the Bible to life. Perfect for any wall in your home or office, this gorgeous piece of art is sure to become a conversation piece. 

smaller version can be made per request 


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